Sunday, June 27, 2010

Where's the Prime Minister?

Where's the PM, ask his detractors? 
Is he Sonia's stooge, or a consummate actor, 
He addresses science conventions, 
Travels overseas to alleviate tensions, 
Of heading a government swarming with malefactors.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Congress declares Rajiv Gandhi its patron saint

"Rajiv Gandhi never had a taint, 
To Citizen Morons we must acquaint, 
We worship idols,
Our sycophancy's unbridled, 
Towards Rajiv: our patron saint."

Sunday, June 13, 2010

None wept when Bhopal died

In Bhopal, twenty thousand gassed and died, 
Justice delayed, the leaders inflate with pride,
Horrors even Bruegel could not have painted, 
Efforts are afoot to redeem the criminally tainted, 
With golden guineas, lawyers' egos are puffed,
While lives in gas chambers were summarily snuffed.

Political parties have a policy objective, 
Victims must endure, for justice is selective, 
The poor man's life is to be expended, 
The rich are nurtured, never apprehended; 
Politicos, judges revel in the macabre game, 
Passing the buck, shuffle the blame. 

Impervious to the images of ghastly death, 
Indifferent to the victim's last rasping breath,
Attorneys, politicians on Carbide's graveyard dance,
Absolve themselves of guilt's sharp lance,
Weak and impotent, more's the pity, 
The Prime Minister fiddles, forms a committee. 

Mega corporations, may your colonization never cease, 
Pillage and pollute what you can with ease, 
"Life's cheap," our leaders boast with glee,
"But in India we give it away for free,
We'll shield you from meddlers while you bide, 
Remember, none wept, when Bhopal died."

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Capital punishment

There's no need to workout,
In the current heat bout,
The wind's on the boil, 
We sweat without toil, 
You'll shed kilos even if you're stout.

The heat wave's beginning to roast, 
Our bodies into toast, 
The neurons gather silt,
While our frames sag and wilt,
We'll keel over and give up the ghost.