Thursday, May 13, 2010

Braying for retrograde causes

Earlier this year, when Minister of Environment Jairam Ramesh supported the introduction of genetically modified BT Brinjal or aubergine, he was opposed by farmers' and environmental groups. During his recent visit to China, he accused the Indian government of being alarmist and paranoid about Chinese investments in India. 

Naveen Jindal, a businessman and MP, meanwhile is playing footsie with the khap panchayats, self-styled community representatives who dispense medieval justice in the villages of Haryana. 

These two worthies have hidden agendas and I have a limerick: 
Jairam Ramesh is seduced by Chinese swindles,
Khap groups have wooed Naveen Jindal:
Both loudly brayed,
For causes retrograde,
Let's force feed them toxic BT Brinjal.

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