Sunday, December 12, 2010

All India Radia


Lobbyist Radia's brief it was said,
Was to appoint Raja the Telecom head,
Oil, land, and gas,
Resources looted en masse,
By whom is this banana republic led?


  1. What a Sad State for My Nation, One Italian Nationalist controlling My Nation Indirectly and Another One Kenyan Born Brit, is Whoring around and Influencing the decision makers!! Both these females are Looting my Mother... Shame on PM, Kamalnath and Tarun Das,... Bloody Hypocrites...

  2. It is sad and tragic that at a time when our country needs Media the most, it has betrayed our trust in turning a blind eye to the astounding revealations in these tapes. This is news story of this decade, with damning evidence of involvedment of tope politicians, corporate houses and bureacrats in the plundering of our nation and it is being given a miss by Media, which loves to call itself the fourth estate of democracy and the custodian of our rights.
    I feel ashamed that I ever expected anything positive out of the Media. I have been watching the news for the past 2 hours and have watched Tiger Conservation programmes in NDTV, Katrina Kaif's biography on Times Now and Rajnikant's birthday celebrations on CNNIBN. It is shameful. I wish I could tell the holier-than-thou journalists how immensely they have let us down.

  3. I endorse your views entirely. Alas, India is up for sale.

    Thank you for your comments.